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About Us

TV Production. Cinematography. Filmmaking. Promotional Videos 
One Frame Production is a company that produces high standard videos according to high professional standards and distinct creativity.

Our team has more than twenty years of experience in media production. Its members come from different cultures and backgrounds, which makes the company a pioneering institution, with distinction and creativity.
One of the most important pillars of our company is TV production, including documentaries, reports, programs and all the different types related to this field.

Furthermore, we work with business institutions, helping them to reach more potential
customers, stand out from the crowd and reach greater success and wider spread.

Our idea is not just about producing videos. We tell the story and weave it, because the storyboard is nowadays more influential than ever before.

We work with various organizations and institutions, helping them increase awareness about multiple issues or services, boost their community outreach and fundraising potential, and reach targeted groups for services in a way that saves time and effort.
Our team of professionals includes experts in art, culture and music. So we produce videos for private and public events. We harness our capabilities to document special moments in a
distinctive way. 
In addition to that, we handle e-marketing services and media consultations.
This is our work, this is our passion, tell us your story or goal, then leave the rest to us. We will put it in one frame that tells the world about your uniqueness.
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